Pagelayer Templates : How to Homeschool with IIM?

How to Homeschool with Institute of International Matriculation


You're probably reading this because you've decided to homeschool your children, or are considering that as an option, and are wondering how Institute of International Matriculation can help. One of the best things about Institute of International Matriculation is that we're flexible, so exactly how you use our program is up to you, but we'll go over some of our features to help get you started.

First is our curriculum. We cover grades Kindergarten through 12, with courses for all the subjects covered by different boards in India (languages covered English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and few regional languages). These courses are aligned to several national and state curriculum standards, since many states do require homeschooled students to take standardized tests. However, we don't have any prerequisites for any course - you and your students can decide which subjects and grade level they study, and We give assignments to students and after successful submission of assignments exams are optional. This exam doesn't count towards scores, but is a good way to identify lessons that need to be reviewed or to decide what grade level to start with.

There's a progress report for each student, so you have a quick way to monitor which courses they're studying and how they're doing. When they finish their courses, there's a transcript that will offer a letter grade and final score, which you may print out for your records.