CBSE Syllabus for Class 4

CBSE Syllabus for Class 4


CBSE Syllabus for Class 4 Maths


Sl. No.   


Chapter Name


1. Building with Bricks
2. Long and Short
3. A Trip to Bhopal
4. Tick-Tick-Tick
5. The Way The World Looks
6. The Junk Seller
7. Jugs and Mugs
8. Carts and Wheels
9. Halves and Quarters
10. Play with Patterns
11. Tables and Shares
12. How Heavy? How Light?
13. Fields and Fences
14. Smart Charts



CBSE Syllabus for Class 4 EVS



CBSE Class 4 EVS Syllabus plays an important role in exam prepration. It provides students with information such as chapters names, topics and subtopics to be studied in the academic session. By knowing this, students can plan their studies in a better way. They can create daily study plan for themselves. The CBSE Class 4 EVS syllabus will also help students during revision to keep track of the topics which are covered and which needs to be covered. So, below we have provided the CBSE Class 4 EVS Syllabus 2020-21 in pdf format for free downloading. They can also take a print out of it for future use.


CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapters


Students can go through the chapters name of Class 4 EVS Syllabus below.


  • Chapter 1: Going to School
  • Chapter 2: Ear to Ear
  • Chapter 3: A Day with Nandu
  • Chapter 4: The Story of Amrita
  • Chapter 5: Anita and the Honeybees
  • Chapter 6: Omana’s Journey
  • Chapter 7: From the Window
  • Chapter 8: Reaching Grandmother’s House
  • Chapter 9: Changing Families
  • Chapter 10: Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu
  • Chapter 11: The Valley of Flowers
  • Chapter 12: Changing Times
  • Chapter 13: A River’s Tale
  • Chapter 14: Basva’s Farm
  • Chapter 15: From Market to Home
  • Chapter 16: A busy Month
  • Chapter 17: Nandita in Mumbai
  • Chapter 18: Too Much Water, Too Little Water
  • Chapter 19: Abdul in the Garden
  • Chapter 20: Eating Together
  • Chapter 21: Food and Fun
  • Chapter 22: The World in my Home
  • Chapter 23: Pochampalli
  • Chapter 24: Home and Abroad
  • Chapter 25: Spicy Riddles
  • Chapter 26: Defence Officer: Wahida
  • Chapter 27: Chuskit Goes to School




CBSE Syllabus for Class 4 English


English is a language subject which helps students in expressing their thoughts. They learn to speak and communicate their viewpoints, ideas etc. through this language. This subject becomes even more prominent at this stage as CBSE Class 4 students began to learn the communication skills. Therefore, to make them proficient in English subject, we have provided the CBSE Class 4 English Syllabus.


CBSE Class 4 English Syllabus


Unit 1: Wake Up!

Neha’s Alarm Clock


Unit 2: Noses

The Little Fir Tree


Unit 3: Run!

Nasruddin’s Aim


Unit 4: Why?

Alice in Wonderland


Unit 5: Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Helen Keller


Unit 6: Hiawatha

The Scholar’s Mother Tongue


Unit 7: A Watering Rhyme

The Giving Tree

The Donkey


Unit 8: Books

Going to Buy a Book


Unit 9: The Naughty Boy



CBSE Syllabus for Class 4 Hindi


The syllabus of Class 4 Hindi covers all the important chapters for the academic year 2020-2021. Class 4 students should have proper knowledge of the Hindi syllabus so that they feel confident while writing the exam. CBSE Class 4 Syllabus of Hindi is prepared by the Board as per the latest guidelines. Students of Class 4 are advised to go through their Hindi syllabus before they dive into their studies.


Chapter Listing of CBSE Class 4 Hindi Syllabus


पाठ 1: मन के भोले-भाले बादल

पाठ 2: जैसा सवाल वैसा जवाब

पाठ 3: किरमिच की गेंद

पाठ 4: पापा जब बच्चे थे

पाठ 5: दोस्त की पोशाक

पाठ 6: नाव बनाओ नाव बनाओ

पाठ 7: दान का हिसाब

पाठ 8: कौन?

पाठ 9: स्वतंत्रता की ओर

पाठ 10: थप्प रोटी थप्प दाल

पाठ 11: पढ़क्कू की सूझ

पाठ 12: सुनीता की पहिया कुर्सी

पाठ 13: हुदहुद

पाठ 14: मुफ़्त ही मुफ़्त