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about us
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Indian Institute of Matriculation is Homeschooling project started by IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Calcutta Alumni. Core team is group of experts from different fields including , ex. Professors of Engineering colleges, Professors of Medical college, Doctors, Engineers,  Teachers with more than 30 years of teaching experiences, IIM Alumni, IIT Alumni and Phd scholars. 

Homeschooling :

In recent years homeschooling has gained popularity in India as an alternative way of educating children, and more and more children are getting homeschooled (though not as many as in the US and Europe).  

Homeschooling is an alternative to the traditional education system. Here, a child is educated at home instead of school. Parents will teach the children on their own at home and students will do self-study.

But it is not just about educating them at home. It involves various approaches such as unschooling, learning led by the interest of the child where the pace is set by the child, where one can learn what he likes instead of learning the standard set of subjects in the stipulated time, learning led by the ability of the child and their learning style.

So the compulsion is not on the citizens to be educated in a conventional school. So parents can rest assured that homeschooling in India is legal.

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Though there are numerous reasons such as religion, safety, flexibility and so on, for opting out of school and to go in for homeschooling, the most common reason homeschoolers in India say is that they are not satisfied with the current education system, as the system is more to do with tests, competitions, marks, completing the syllabus within specified time, forcing children to learn only in a specific way, repetitive usage of worksheets though the child may not require the drills, not taking into consideration the child’s interest, child’s readiness, ability, learning style, and child’s needs i.e. child might be gifted, artist, athletic, physically very active, and so on.  

Most schools can’t afford to follow the individualized approach in learning but can limit learning only to books and classrooms due to the larger class strength. In homeschooling, parents can take care of each of these aspects based on a child’s need. Children are able to pursue other fields of interest such as photography, singing, playing a musical instrument, painting, pottery, etc. along with their other academic studies due to the flexibility in time and choice of subjects.

An affidavit filed by the Government of India on July 18, 2012, in response to a writ petition filed by a 12-yr-old Shreya Sahai who wanted to be home schooled to pursue her interest in photography and music, states that "Parents who voluntarily opt for alternate forms of schooling may continue to do so. The RTE Act does not come in the way of such alternate schooling methodologies or declare such form of education as illegal." The affidavit also clarifies that the Act is with regard to the rights of children, and is not a compulsion. It states The compulsion is on the appropriate government and the local authority to provide free education to all children up to 14 years”.

So the compulsion is not on the citizens to be educated in a conventional school. So parents can rest assured that homeschooling in India is legal.